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    Transform Your Marketing with Hubspot

    Think of outbound marketing as a megaphone. It’s loud, noisy, and disruptive. Outbound screams for attention so people could listen.

    There was a time when outbound was the trend in the marketing game. Ads, cold calls, email blasts, and tradeshows bombard customers with information after information after information.

    No; customers change.

    Thanks to the Internet, customers are now in the driver’s seat. They are empowered to choose who and what to listen to. Just the same, customers are emboldened to tune out those they have no interest in. All customers have to do is block, mute, and report you as spam.

    Marketers must adapt to this age of consumer in order to thrive.

    Inbound is Attracting

    Think of inbound marketing as a magnet. It’s subtle, targeted, and attractive. Inbound lures people’s interests by giving them the content they are looking for. You don’t run after customers; you make them come to you.


    Give customers what they need. Don’t push content just because. Provide real value and concrete solutions. Educate. Enlighten. Entertain.

    Be flexible. Offer what customers want, when they want it, how they want it. E-book? Twitter? Website? You got it covered.

    Engage with your customers. Communication is a two-way street. Listen to what your customers have to say.

    Stay with your customers every step of the way. Don’t leave them hanging. Assist them as they move along the process.

    Inbound marketing is transformative. It is both creative and methodical. Content and process goes hand in hand. To navigate this new marketing landscape, you need the right mindset, the right strategy, and the right tools.

    Hubspot can help, applying the inbound methodology into an integrated marketing platform.

    Different strokes for different folks

    HubSpot can help you identify your audience is. It collects your contacts and segments them into personas so you can strategize effectively. Knowing your market’s profiles will help you customize the content that fills their needs.

    Content is the heart of inbound

    HubSpot has a holistic content system to help you create compelling, relevant, and strategic content pieces. From creative websites to convincing calls to action, HubSpot helps you move your contacts along the buyer’s journey.

    Let customers find you

    What does a customer do when they have a question? They google it. HubSpot’s SEO tools carefully select keywords, optimize your website, and ensures that your customers find you in their search bars.

    Sharing is caring

    Humanizing your brand is critical in building a relationship with your customers. What better way to do this than talking to your audience like an actual person. HubSpot’s social media tool allows you to schedule, listen, and interact with customers in real-time.

    Marketing efficiency 2.0

    Here’s the current reality of email marketing: You send a generic email message to your email list. Then you hope some of them will buy your product (or at least read an email). Next step: repeat over and over. It’s not very practical, is it? As a matter of fact, in many cases, this strategy is counterproductive because you annoy your contacts.

    HubSpot offers a marketing automation software that lets you set-up customized workflows for different buyer profiles (or personas). A workflow is a series of steps that guide your target audience through the buying process.

    1. Send a targeted and personalized email with a call to action, say, download an e-book you prepared.
    2. Send a thank you message once the prospect downloaded the book.
    3. Send another e-mail with additional information related to the topic.
    4. Coordinate with the sales team to review the lead and nurture the relationship.

    Once you organize the workflow, the Hubspot software will execute the tasks as you instructed. This approach gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your strategy. Effective and efficient, isn’t it?

    Make your efforts count

    How do you measure effort? Hubspot has analytics that lets you translate your goals into specific metrics, like organic visits, open rates, SEO ranking, and lead conversion. Tracking your efforts consistently will let you know if your inbound marketing strategy works.

    Hubspot is more than a marketing platform. It's a catalyst for an effective inbound strategy and a support system for the execution of your marketing campaign. Hubspot is your gateway to inbound. 

    Rica Bouso

    Rica harnesses her love of writing to create unique and engaging content. She can reach any audience through any form of media, and she I’ll give your brand the voice you’ve been looking for.

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