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    5 biggest trends from the State of Inbound

    We believe it to be  an integrated solution where creativity intersects with data. It allows us to attract the target audience, convert them into consumers, and develop a solid business relationship with them. If you are new to inbound or are on the fence if inbound is for you, here are 5 trends you should know.

    1. Inbound is dominant for companies > 200

    Inbound marketing has long been associated with SMBs. This would make sense given the budget constraints that smaller companies have to make compared to their larger counterparts. That said the efficacy of Outbound tactics such as paid advertising are leading ever bigger companies to consider increasing their Inbound Marketing budget, at the expense of their Outbound Marketing efforts.

    2. Proving ROI is a major challenge for marketing teams.

    An ever present challenge for marketers of all stripes,  proving ROI is particularly difficult in traditionally inbound efforts such as SMM, SEO & Blogging. Without a reliable system to measure ROI, these measures tend to fall prey to budget cutbacks among cash strapped firms.

    3. Proven Inbound Marketing ROI increases budgets.

    The inverse is true if you can prove ROI: "Demonstrating positive ROI makes you nine times less likely to see a lower budget the following year than if your team failed to show a positive return." Why would a firm cut budget on an initiative if they are seeing growth?

    4. Content creation is no longer limited to in-house writers.

    Content is the linchpin of a good Inbound strategy, but given the increasing scope of work that is expected of in-house marketing teams content all to often falls by the wayside. While hiring a freelance writer is nothing new, the proliferation of services like Blogmutt have made hiring a blog writer easier than ever.

    5. Buyers do not trust salespeople.

    The internet has democratized information, budgets are constantly under review and an oversight boards or a buyers own colleagues could challenge their decision to purchase your solution. This pressure along with a general skepticism born from previous experience have made executive buyers even more wary of salespeople. In order to combat this sentiment the salesperson must be more helpful than pushy. 

    Inbound marketing is an invaluable tool for the contemporary marketer, an intersection between creativity and data. We advocate it as part of a holistic strategy to grow your business and increase your market share in a manner that is both efficient and effective.

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