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    Make Your 140 Characters Count

    pexels-photo-58639.jpeg With upwards of 310 million monthly active users around the world, twitter can be one of your most effective social media platforms. Twitter gives you an oppourtunity to directly engage with your audience, as well as listen to your audience's conversations and feedback in real-time.

    That said navigating the 'Twitterverse' can be challenging. For one, you're limited to 140 characters per tweet. Second, your audiences timeline updates in real-time so that your content can easily be lost in the mix. The most successful brands know how to be doubly creative so that they are able to maximize Twitter’s potential.

    Engage your Audience:

    1. Tweet content worth sharing

    Don’t tweet just for the sake of tweeting. Post content that interest, help, and entertain your audience.

    • Balance self-promoting tweets with engaging tweets. Remember: It’s not about you; it’s about your audience.
    • Create a relationship with your audience. Ask questions, listen what they have to say. Talk to each other.

    2. Words are half the battle

    When you can only work with so many words, you have to carefully choose your words that can best send your message across. How do you do this?

    • Use small words with big meanings: This does not only save you space but also makes your message easier to understand.
    • Show, rather than tell: Choose words that paint a vivid picture of what you’re trying to say. To help your audience visualize the tweet, attach a picture. According to research, tweets with pictures increase engagement up to
    • Use active words: Active words encourage a call-to-action from the audience. The more active the words, the more engaged the audience will be.

    3. Timing matters

    As mentioned earlier, Twitter is optimized for fast-paced content creation. To make sure, you reach as many audiences as possible:

    • Tweet often. It’s okay to repeat your content since Twitter timeline moves at breakneck speed that a lot of your followers will most likely miss it.
    • Schedule your tweets to ensure that you reach your the early birds and the night owls. Scheduling your tweets will also reach out to audience in different timezones.

    4. #Hashtags help

    Hashtags make your tweets more visible and can also help get your followers involved.

    • Use 100 characters to leave room for hashtags
    • Use hashtags that are relevant to your message
    • Participate in Twitter trends that align with your content so you can reach more people and engage in conversations

    5. Practice Twitter Karma

    More than simply tweeting your content, promote content of your audience and of other brands as well. For every promotional tweet you post, you have to retweet others’ tweets as well.

    In the age of social media, twitter is becoming an integral part of a brand’s campaign. But remember being active isn’t enough. You have to continuously devise ways to ensure that your content will stand out and resonate with your audience.

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