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    8 Recipes for LinkedIn Success

    Although considerably smaller compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is just as powerful when it comes to driving clicks. Did you know that on average, every shared post in the network generates 1.5 clicks back to the publisher? This makes LinkedIn a crucial touchpoint for your inbound marketing campaign. 

    We know what you're thinking right now, "But crafting the content and sharing is such a chore." Trust us, we know. In this socially media active world, engaging your audience via different platforms has become serious work. As in any other aspects of the business, it requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Or does it?

    • What if there is a way that makes sharing in LinkedIn time-efficient without sacrificing its effectiveness to connect with the audience?
    • What if there is a formula that allows us to create and curate relevant content in a matter of minutes? 

    Here are some tips on how to best update your LinkedIn profile, hassle-free:

    1. Share your latest Wordpress post on LinkedIn.

    You've put forward the time and effort to write your blog post, but what happens once you hit publish? Without an audience your blog is simply an excercise, and if you don't promote your post you won't see much of an audience. Your LinkedIn network wants to hear from you, use this recipe to automatically post any article published on your Wordpress blog on LinkedIn.

    IFTTT Recipe: Share your latest post on LinkedIn connects wordpress to linkedin 

    2. Share your Facebook page's status on LinkedIn

    If you've shared something on your companies Facebook page there is a good chance you'll want to share it on LinkedIn too. Use this recipe to avoid the rigmarole of jumping between platforms, automatically post these company messages unto LinkedIn. 

    IFTTT Recipe: Share your Facebook Page's status messages on LinkedIn connects facebook-pages to linkedin 

    3. Post the photo you just shared on Instagram unto LinkedIn

    Do you have a company Instagram account? Don't forget to publish these photos on LinkedIn, just remember to keep these photos professional in tone. 

     IFTTT Recipe: Post photos from Instagram to LinkedIn connects instagram to linkedin

    4. Crosspost your tweets when you use hashtag #in

    Twitter is a great platform to get what's on your mind out there now. Use this Recipe so that you can simply add a hastag '#in' to push it out on LinkedIn too.

    IFTTT Recipe: Crosspost your tweets with  hashtag #in to LinkedIn connects twitter to linkedin

    5. Share articles you've read on Instapaper to LinkedIn

    Do you ever come across an article you might want to share, but don't quite have the time to read at the moment? With Instapaper you'd simply save it for later. If you add this recipe, any article tagged 'LinkedIn' will automatically publish. Once more you will have an archive of these articles you can refernce later if a contact engages with you on it.

    IFTTT Recipe: Share links from an Instapaper folder to LinkedIn connects instapaper to linkedin

    6. Automatically share popular articles from a section of your choosing in The New York Times.

     Don't have the time to read and post articles on a daily basis, but still want to appear on top of the latest trends. Add this recipe and pick a topic like 'technology' (one that interests you) so when an article in your chosen section becomes popular it will publish on your feed. This recipe needs to be taken with some caution, as some sections have more buzzworthy articles than others. You can choose to recieve an email when an article posts, but I prefer to read (or skim) the article if someone engages with the post so I could respond thoughtfully (as if I had read it all along).

    IFTTT Recipe: Share popular articles from the NYTimes with your LinkedIn followers connects the-new-york-times to linkedin

    7. Post your companies YouTube videos on LinkedIn

    You've shot the video, edited it on iMovie, wrote a compelling description on Youtube and then you hit publish. Now what? Youtube rewards those who promote their own content, so make sure to add this recipe to share your video with LinkedIn. Your audience will enjoy the video, so long as it's professional and contextual.

    IFTTT Recipe: Youtube to LinkedIn connects youtube to linkedin 

    8. Wish all of your contacts a Happy Holidays on Christmas

     You're sipping Glögg as the scent of chestnuts fill the air... Alright your Christmas, Hanukkah or Holiday traditions might may not match what we all hear on those holiday tunes. But we do want to devote this hard earned time to our family. That said it would be nice to greet your friends, colleagues and network of contacts. Add this recipe to automatically send out a greeting to each of your contacts on Christmas.

    IFTTT Recipe: If it is Christmas, then say Happy Holidays to my LinkedIn connections connects is-it-christmas to linkedin

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