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    How to Maximize Messaging Apps

    Millennials are now the largest US consumer segment. And they are changing the game. This new breed of customers is tethered to the Internet and their smartphones. Not only do they have information right at their fingertips, but they have also redefined what social means. Millennials rely on messaging apps to stay connected with the world. According to a HubSpot study, mobile apps have over 4 billion monthly users worldwide.

    Apps give millennials the freedom to interact with other people, minus the stream of notifications that FB, Twitter, and Instagram offer. As one participant of the study explained, “It’s social media without the distraction.”

    As messaging apps become more popular among millennials, it only makes sense for brands to capitalize on them to reach their target market. Here are four ways you can customize your content strategy to fit this upcoming channel.

    1) Know WHEN

    By finding out when users are most active, you will be able to connect with them more easily.

    For example, your target market uses their messaging apps during the trip home from work at 6 pm. Engaging with them at this time is more likely to have a positive interaction because they are more receptive and are in a social mindset.

    2) Know WHERE

    A lot of social messaging apps utilize the GPS function of a mobile phone. Use this to your advantage and send users messages that they can find useful and relevant. Let’s say you’re a retail brand and you find out that one of your audience is near your store. Take this opportunity to send them to content talking about your new products or deals. You can even send them a coupon to encourage them to walk-in.

    3) Leverage FEATURES

    Most messaging apps have text features, photo-sharing, and video messaging. You can customize your content to fit these formats so users can digest them better. Plus, it makes your content more seamless and less disruptive to the audience.

    Each messaging app has a unique feature – from quirky cartoons and stickers to self-destructing messages. Study each platform’s features and think of ways how you can maximize them to engage with your target market. Are you a pet adopting company? Why not customize a cat or dog sticker to appeal to pet lovers out there. Are you a clothing company? Try creating unique videos of your new collection that will disappear in 30 seconds to generate interest.

    Before you dive right in, remember: The feature of your choice must be aligned with your content strategy and your brand personality.


    You have a limited time to engage your audience on an app, so you have to make sure every second count. Here are some quick tips:

    • Be visual: Catch your audience’s attention with an intriguing image. Once they’re interested, they will want to know more.
    • Create bite-sized content: When it comes to messaging apps, keep it short and simple. Because you’re working with a limited number of characters and you don’t want to spam your users, use graphics, videos, and links to engage your audience.
    • Personalize: Messaging apps are personal so always maintain an authentic relationship with your audience. Send holiday greetings and birthday wishes. Talk to them. Keep your tone conversational and lighthearted.
    To instill a sense of familiarity among your audience, create a personality that resonates with them (like a friend).

    Thanks to technology, marketing has become more dynamic and fast-paced. Many brands are challenged to transforming their marketing campaign, since they have been used to the traditional way of approaching the audience. But as challenging as they are, messaging apps offer an opportunity for brands to reinvent themselves, rethink their relationship with the market and push their creativity to the next level. 

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