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    How to Grow Your Facebook Community

    If the tree falls and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? The same question holds true for content marketing. You may have the most unique and interesting content but if no one read it, does it really matter?

    Writing amazing content is one thing; pushing it out there is another.  Digital media has given us the perfect platform to publish our content – Social Networks. 

    Facebook remains to be the social network to beat. It has more than more than 1 billion people ready to listen to what you have to say. Here’s the catch: they have to like you first. And with a plethora of brands competing for an audience, how do you get yours?

    1. Cross-Promote Pages

    A creative tactic to grow your community is to cross-promote. Connect with other pages whose audience is similar to your demographics. Say, for example, you’re a clothing store. You may want to talk to shoe stores.  Work together in promoting each other’s content. You can like and share each other’s posts. You can also co-run a promotion (for example, you can facilitate a contest and the prize can come from the other brand or vice-versa). This way, you can tap into each other’s fan base. Sounds like a win-win situation right?

    2. Create Shareable Content

    It’s not just about readable content. Your content must be the kind that your existing fans will share to their friends. Remember, when your content travels, your Facebook page does too!

    3. Run a Contest

    Running a contest is always a fun way of promoting your page. Make sure the primary qualifier for joining the contest is LIKING your page. Sure this strategy may cost you but it’s success rate is pretty spotless. And not only does it add considerable amount of likes, it also engages your audience.

    4. Comment on Other Pages

    You like my post; I’ll like yours right back. Yes, it’s quid pro quo even in the Social Media world. Kidding aside, liking and commenting on other pages may not guarantee additional likes on the onset but it does guarantee presence. When you are participating in a page that your audience is in, you will get noticed. But don’t do it just for other community pages. Like the posts of your existing audience. Comment. Share even. It gives your page visibility, yes. And it also lets you connect to your audience - existing and potential alike.

    5. Advertise

    Say what you will of Facebook advertising, but they work. There are different types of Facebook ads. You have the newsfeed ads, the banner ads at the right side and the sponsored stories. You can also optimize for either impressions or clicks. You can also be as generic or specific n your target audience. But of course, the appeal of the ad will depend on the photo and the copy. Your photo must be catchy. Trend shows that photos with human element attracts more clicks and likes. Your copy has to be witty and interesting all at once.

    Rica Bouso

    Rica harnesses her love of writing to create unique and engaging content. She can reach any audience through any form of media, and she I’ll give your brand the voice you’ve been looking for.

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