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    How do you make technical content sexy?

    Let’s face it; technical and programming speak are far from sexy. Industry experts may find the topic of cloud computing’s newest upgrade or the latest DOCSIS 3.1 based gigabit home internet exiting, but the average customer (such as myself) is often left dazed, confused, and bored.  As past experiences have taught many marketers, when the target audience is unimpressed with content, 9 times out of 10, they ignore your product.

    Don’t worry, there is still hope. Even the most mundane of industries can sound exciting when written and presented right. Here are some tips to start the transformation:

    1. Don’t just be sexy; be helpful

    Compelling content is more than just stringing pretty words together to form an even prettier sentence. Make sure that every piece of content you publish (be it on Facebook, on your company blog, or through email campaigns) will help existing or potential clients. Your content should address your clients’ needs and problems. Before you write anything (and I mean anything), ask yourself this critical question, “How will this help my client?”

    2. Tell a story

    Don’t just spew out one information after another, your  must tell a story. After all, who doesn’t love a good story? Your content must have a consistent theme, a clear message, and a structure they can follow (a beginning, a climax, and an end). Move your audience by putting together content they can relate with.

    For a captivating story, I suggest tying your content to a bigger story. You can share how your product makes a difference in the lives of your customers or how your service has changed the game in your industry. Check this website for inspiration: Yellow Leaf HammocksIf they can make people fall in love with hammocks; you can too.

    3. Talk to me. Not at me (or through me)

    It's understandable that the tech industry is riddled with jargons. But as much as possible, try to talk to your audience in a language they will understand. To simplify your content without sacrificing its accuracy, try breaking it down to phases. This way, it’s easier to digest and follow. And keep the jargons to a minimum. Jargons are cold and unaffecting; they will only disassociate your audience from your content. You want your audience engaged, not disassociated.

    Talking to your audience also means your tone must be more dynamic. Tech industries have the reputation of being stiff. Break away from that norm. Write your content as if you are talking animatedly to a friend or having a friendly chat with a person you just met.  Keep the conversation interesting.

    4. Funny is the new sexy

    Unless it’s a matter of life and death or the end of the world, keep things light. Inject humor in content (but be sensitive and never OFFEND). Humor makes you more human and makes you more relatable. It will help keep your audience interested.

    5. Show; don’t tell

    Sometimes, a single picture shares a story that no amount of text can. Be more visual with your content. Pictures, illustrations, and graphics are not only appealing, they also help your audience visualize and understand your message. Take Apple for example ( Their website is simple, but powerful. Their formula: A one-liner and a headline and a picture. Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words. In this case, they are worth a thousand clicks or leads.

    I know that content production is hard enough; making your content attractive and compelling even more so. And that is why we are here to help. Inbound Marketing is an effective approach to transform your technical content into something sexy. 

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