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    Building Buyer Personas that Generate Sales

    An effective consumer-driven marketing campaign begins with a solid set of buyer personas - a fictional representation, built upon real facts and real customers. Going out there and talking to customers, gathering valuable information and allowing that data to guide your buyer persona will lead to actual sales down the road. There are three major areas to address when building out a Buyer's Persona:

    1) Connect and Relate

    A good buyer persona will highlight characteristics that your ideal customer will possess. The buyer persona will be the linchpin you use to develop content which speaks to the consumer. If you correctly build out your persona, you will develop content that connects and relates to your market during the buying cycle.

    2) Influence

    It's nearly impossible to persuade someone without capturing their attention. Once you have their attention, you have an opportunity to influence their decision. How people shop, where they shop, their likes and dislikes are all examples of how to use your buyer's persona profile to persuade. 

    3) The End Result

    Now we are almost there - almost. We have created a persona that our customers can relate to, and we have made the subtle buying suggestions using our buyer persona. Finally, we want to make the buyer feel satisfied with their purchase. A happy customer affirms their decision to buy was a smart one. This creates a positive affiliation with your business.

    There are a lot of brilliant, really creative people sitting in boardrooms all over the world right now, brainstorming. They are making assumptions about what they think their buyers want, need and like. Don't be fooled, much of this is guesswork. Sure, they're using some data, sales numbers and general demographics, but most of them aren't employing their greatest resource - the customer.

    Building a buyer persona shouldn't be based on guesswork, rather it should be formed by reaching out to your clients are and what they want. If you're looking to create or refine your buyer persona, feel free to contact us. Our experienced professionals will help you attract more Customers using Buyer Personas.

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