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    7 Reasons that Buyer Personas Will Boost Your Business

    Developing a buyer persona is a critical step for any company delving into making their marketing efforts more productive. There's no better way to define your target market and identify key strategic tactics in the hunt for business growth.

    Just what makes buyer personas so powerful? We've compiled seven benefits that will prove to you why now is the time to create a buyer persona for your business.

    1. Identify your ideal customer

    Limiting who you are targeting is key to the efficient use of marketing resources. When you can isolate exactly who your company aims to serve, then that allows you to focus your efforts on a subset of potential customers that promise a high return on investment.

    Having a buyer persona allows you to conceptualize an ideal client which your outreach efforts can revolve around. This process also lets you better understand who should be the focus of your campaigns.

    2. Make it easier to find your market

    One of the most challenging questions a marketing team must answer is where to advertise the company's products. When you know who you're targeting, the answer becomes more apparent.

    A buyer persona will inform you where your potential customers visit both offline and online. When you decide to engage with your market in these spaces, your advertising dollars will stretch farther and achieve better results.

    3. Amplify the power of your content

    Engaging with your target audience requires deftness and consideration of their point of view. The key to high engagement is content that speaks to the prospect on a personal level. By creating a buyer persona, you can enter the mind of your ideal buyer, letting you see which content strategies work and which ones to avoid.

    4. Enable coordination of multi-departmental strategies

    When coming up with a marketing campaign, everyone in the company should be on the same page. One great technique to get everyone on board is to familiarize them with a buyer persona that perfectly encapsulates the wants, needs, and desires of the segment that the campaign will target. This way, everyone from sales to marketing to C-level will be able to broadcast a consistent message.

    5. Vastly improve lead success

    Part of the challenge of modern business is how to determine which leads are worthwhile and which leads are worth dropping. With a buyer persona in hand, you can craft lead-generation strategies that take full advantage of your knowledge of a particular segment and allow you to 'filter' your leads.  You can gauge who are more likely to follow through. 

    6. Drive the development of new products

    The buyer persona doesn't become obsolete after the success of the initial campaign. What better way to capitalize on popularity within a segment than to build follow-up products addressing further needs on the part of your customers?Marketing products designed around the same population helps you solidify your position within your niche. 

    7. Impress customers by knowing what they want

    Superior customer service is what distinguishes successful businesses from their average competitors. The secret ingredient is often a highly refined buyer persona. This allows you to know what your customer is expecting from a customer service interaction. Remember, a satisfied customer encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

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