Take Off With Inbound Marketing

At this very moment potential customers are out there Googling their problems, Listening to their peers on social channels and Learning how to solve their problems from your competition. Today's decision makers are growing more skeptical of traditional (offer based) marketing, instead they're choosing to educate themselves so that they may make a more well-informed decision.

Those brands that become known for creating compelling, relevent and informative content will be rewarded by earning the trust and attention of their market; which in turn leads to increased opportunities to win business from a more willing buyer. We help businesses develop a process to educate their audience, allowing them to be seen as a trusted authority in the eyes of their market and guiding potential customers along their buyer's journeys. 

The Buyer's Journey

  1. Attract the right visitors by identifying your best fit personas. 
  2. Convert them into leads through contextual content offers.
  3. Nurture them along the process until they are ready to Close into a customer.
  4. Beyond the close, we engage with your buyers to identify opportunities to Delight.
  5. Driving them to promote your business to their network, reproducing the cycle.

A Hubspot Partner Agency

According to a recent survey of B2B Marketers, Companies which use Inbound Marketing are 3x as likely to see higher ROI from their Inbound Marketing efforts than their Outbound Marketing. At Next Collision, we specialize in Inbound Marketing. We've partnered with Hubspot with its Best-in-class SaaS platform to deliver consistent Inbound results to our clients.


Why Next Collision?

We partner with companies to help them realize their goals through Inbound Marketing. We recognized a while back that traditional solutions didn't have the impact they once were. Which drove us into creating marketing that their audience will find relevant & valuable.


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[fa icon="plus-square"] Strategy
Why does your audience behave the way they do? Why are your competitors branding themselves the way they do? We can answer these questions and generate insights relevant to your market.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Insighting
We help you better understand your audience. We go beyond the basics. We get into your customers heads and step into their shoes. We find out information essential to your brand – whether it’s their eating habits or their outfit choices – and help you craft your brand based on their needs and wants.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Conceptualization
Every brand has a story, that story is told through a campaign. We conceptualize campaigns that reaches, engages, and connects with your target audience; the result being an increase in your sales funnel while building loyal brand ambassadors.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Positioning
Perception is reality. How you position your brand in the market is immensely important because it will directly impact how your audience perceives you.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Market Research
Everything begins with research. We provide you an in-depth analysis of the industry and of your audience. We use the research as springboard to creating a campaign that works.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Competitor Analysis
Marketing is like a chess game. To win you must anticipate your opponent’s next move. We can make sure you are always ahead of the game.